Friday, October 31, 2008

Been a while since I have had a chance to get online for more than a few minutes. Even now I am posting from my phone while pooping at work... Ha. Well anyway we have been so much time on Positive Approach that we haven't been doing much bike related filming. We still are riding plenty as always. Love those early morning rides to work. On to bike news. We have a trailer in the works that should be done pretty soon. I can't wait to start riding in the snow and to film and take pictures. Should make for an awesome time. Well I am pulling this poop a bit to long. Back to painting this house an ugly color.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Up to Date from Philadelphia Pa

Not much of a fan. Cool place and all, but the crime here is just out of hand. A buddy of mine has had some terrible luck here. He was robbed at gunpoint for his bike while with his girlfriend. He got blindsided by some punk teenage kids while riding and was almost thrown off his bike. How much does that suck? Well anyway while I have been in Philly I have gotten a few things done other than seeing the people I want to before I head to Buffalo for good. Well not for good, but for a while as I finish out my degree and run Positive Approach with 3 of my best friends. I have continued to edit shots from a while back, printed out flyers and cut them by hand to hand out to people on the street here or stick in peoples spokes, and most importantly meet up with owners of a few shops and gotten the go ahead to ship out shirts to them to sell and or to promote our shop. Things have been going really well and when I get back I am going to spend a hell of a lot of time cleaning that storefront up. Well enough of this talk I really got on here to post some photos.

Photographer: Charlie
Riders Pictured: Bill and Joe


Joe about to get some air

Russian Wedding

Photographer: Joe
Rider: Charlie

Charlie trackstand

Crazy concerned

Yep I look really concerned about something while doing that no handed skid... Hmmm weird. Wonder what that was...

From the City of Brotherly Love?


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting It Done

We all signed the DBA today for Positive Approach. There were mixed plans today to film, play bike polo, or design. Didn't film. I was the only one to show up to bike polo. We did get some work done on the design end though. We are in the process of building the website and I am working with the t shirt design for Delicious Fixicious. Julia and I fit in sometime to take some photos between bike polo and getting the DBA authorized. Unfortunately she did not have time to work with many of the shots we got today. I on the other hand edited a shot of Bill filming Joe.

Bill Filming

Also a few nights ago messing around in my basement.

IMG_5996 as Smart Object-1

We will be getting up shots of Steve and Bills bikes soon with some more info on what they are riding.

Ah and I shouldn't forget to mention Joe picked up some materials for the storefronts sign. We will be getting that painted hopefully early next week. I am sure we would get it done sooner, but I am going to Philadelphia to connect with some shops and get the name out. Mainly I am headed to Philly to pick up the rest of my stuff from my apartment though.

Much more to come in the future,


Monday, October 13, 2008

Oct 12th Filming at Gallaghers

Here are some photos from the day. Lots of fun. Spent about 6 hours on filming riding and shooting today. Joe and I came up with our first design for a shirt. Around 9 we headed over to Mighty Taco for some dinner with friends. After Steve, Bill, Matt, Eric, and I did the Sunday Midnight Ride. Always iffy, but tonight wasn't half bad. Well enough of the chit chat here are the photos I spoke of earlier.

Photos by: Charlie
Riders Pictured: Joe, Bill, Steve

Filming Joe

Joe Wall Bunk

Steve Wall Bump

Joey P Car Tap

Great time today. Bummed that part of my card was corrupted somehow and I lost all of the shots of me... Oh well we shoot a lot lately so it is a non issue I guess.. Oh wait I found one.

Charlie Bike Crop

With Love,


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Here comes Bill!

A short clip of 21 seconds put together just for fun and to test camera quality. Can you imagine that this was shot on a point and shoot camera!?

Bill on Bike from Frank Niemiec on Vimeo.

We are going to be doing a mix of filming involving a point and shoot camera, digital video camera, and a freakin amazing HD camera (most footage going toward a final film.) Bill is going to be filming with the HD camera because thats simply what he does and I (Charlie) will be filming with the other two cameras. Maybe Joe will jump in and shoot some too!

Filmed by: Charlie
Edited by: Frank

And it has begun,


Saturday, October 11, 2008

A store.

Hey guys.

So what seemed to be a wild plan to open up a store/ custom screen print shop (one of many over these months) is quickly becoming scary real and serious. It is probably one of the most exciting things in my life. I suddenly realize how important it is to make this happen. It has way too much potential to be successful to not happen.

The point of the story and relation to posting this update on a bike blog is that this was mainly influenced by the FAST FRIDAY video. Dustin's (owner Cadence Clothing) success in the Seattle bicycle scene is very beneficial.

With full DIY mentality in play, this shop will be based around positive living, bikes, and green life.

I will keep you updated. Stay tuned.



Joey P and Charlie's Bikes

Here is a peak at our junk. A huge thanks to Handlebars cycle co for hooking us up with product and service, well deserved. ENJOY!

Joey P Specs:
Frameset: Trek T1 52cm
Wheels: Dp18 rims laced to formula hubs or Tiagra 650 front, bontrager hardcase tires (23x700)
Bars: Randy Mountain Bike Risers with Black Oury Grips
Cranks: Kuoto
Stem don't matter.
Notes: I pedal fast

Joes bike

Charlie Specs:
Frameset: Norco Track Frame 52cm
Wheels: White Deep V rims or Tiagra 650 front, mixed tires,
Bars: Action Risers with Pink Oury Grips
Cog: 15 tooth DuraAce
Chainring: 42 tooth messenger
Stem: 70mm Junk
Pedal Setup: Origin8 pedals, Toshi Double Straps, Soma double cages
Notes: I don't need notes. Screw it.

Charlies Bike

Joe and charlies bikes


Oct 11th Joyride

Took a ride down to the ledge spot to hangout and do some tricks.
Here are the shots we got today.

Photos by: Charlie Reinagel

Riders Pictured: Joey P, Bill, Matt

Bill wheelie grab

Bill Wheelie


Matt Skitch

Bill Riding

Joey Riding

Bill Barspin

Photos by: Julia Gariepy

Riders Pictured: Charlie, Joey P, Steve Adamitis
Friends Pictured: Fina, Danielle



steve, fina, joe, danielle.

Also last week we had some bike polo fun!

buffalo bike polo.

buffalo bike polo.

buffalo bike polo.

From The Nickel City from Charlie

Welcome to Delicious Fixicious

Stay tuned for video clips, photos, rider bios, merch, etc.

From Buffalo, Ny.

-Joe and Charlie