Monday, December 15, 2008

Get out and ride! 3am

At 3 this morning Chris and I decided to take a nice little ride which started by picking a road and riding to the end of it. This is how our trip panned out:

The first half of the ride was great and fast, but the end was quite disturbing. Fighting against the most annoying wind. It was blowing in a manner that going 3 directions you had to fight it. I don't quite understand, but it happened.

Ground covered:

22 miles
4 or 5 cemeteries
1 Tim Hortons
1 Mobil Gas station
1 Massive Pothole
and 3 Lies.

If we can't find a ride to Philadelphia for Thursday we are embarking on an adventure to Philadelphia by patching metro buses and riding our bikes. Not sure how it will work out, but I sure hope we make it out with no frostbite and great stories. Preferably would like a ride to Philly if anyone is interested. We have a place to stay set up and money for gas if necessary..

Wish me luck,


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Everything is coming together.

Positive Approach is now officially a fully functional print shop as well as a storefront. We have moved in our two four-color presses and one one-color press. We have an unnecessary four dryers. Our sign is soon to be displayed outside for all to see. We have had it in the window since opening because we didn't have a set plan for rigging it up outside. Now we have decided to place it on the roof which should be cool and bring much more attention to the store.

The printing department has been doing very well. We have completed one job and have two more in print right now along with countless jobs in the works. I couldn't be anymore excited right now.

We finally got our gas turned on today too, but unfortunately the heater won't heat up :(. (I had to take a break from typing and now that I am revisiting this the heater has been fixed! I hear it works really well) I guess that means we will be getting a newer more efficient heater anyways. I guess I can let the others suffer in the cold shop while I am away in Florida. Speaking of that...

I am head to Florida at 4 am tomorrow morning. It is sure to be a good time because my buddy Matt who runs is letting me borrow his bike case. Lots of pictures and biking going to be happening.

Here are some pictures of the printing equipment. Unfortunately these don't show how much fun we were having on our first night with a working station.

This is Jay's equipment set up in the shop. Although he personally owns the press it is open for use by all three printers.

Joe's print equipment haphazardly set up. This is what we printed on last night and it was tons of fun. The table tipped every time you got to the end of the screen which made for a couple of us around holding the table down every once in a while.

Here are some screens and Joe cleaning the metal ones out. We aren't planning on using the wood ones much, but they sure do look cool.

Welp time to shower up and head off to Florida. Plenty more to come upon my return.

With love,