Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Tuesday Ride A Success!

Write up by Eric Pitman

Tuesday night, a group nearing 30 participants collected on the tennis courts of North Buffalo's Shoshone Park.
As the sun sank deeper into the skyline, stragglers and late-comers joined the pack amassed at the park's interior. Just after 7 o'clock post meridian, the cyclists took to the streets, destined for a secluded, lackluster "skate"park in North Tonawanda. As the first stop of the ride was haphazardly chosen by Mr. Sperrazza, not many knew of location's existence, and even fewer knew riding directions. After an initial few awkward seconds, Steve ascended to the rank of leader, directing the bunch for a few miles of easy riding.
Riding there, the gang developed a good flow: Steve imparted directions, friends chatted, Bennett turned the mounded earth around trees into ramps, and newcomers discovered the attractive grace of mass rides. A quick twenty minutes was all it took to arrive at the ramp-infested estate. Once there, a few pictures were taken, the ramps were tested by the burly 40c tires of Bennett and Charles, and miniature discussions of bikes were had. As quickly as everyone had arrived, a new destination was chosen, and they were off once again.
This time headed for the cooling breeze of the water, the bunch made their way to Tonawanda's Mississippi Mudds, a restaurant facing Lake Erie, located on Niagara Street.
From there, the riders continued along the water, this time via the smooth blacktop of the Niagara bike path. A few short miles south, the thirty-pack stopped to admire the placid water and pose for a group picture. As the gang recollected, spirits were still high. It was at this point that the organizers of the first ever Tuesday night ride knew their plan had yielded success. From there, the group, along with yet another few add-ons, travelled farther down Niagara, turning left on Hertel.
It was around this point that the "group" nature became slightly disbanded, and people separated. Thanks in part to a couple flats, inpatient SUV-mongerers, and annoyingly-slim shoulders, many of the original riders had either lost the group or had called it a night and retired to their homes.
With still ten or twelve cyclists left, the group stopped for fuel at Mighty Taco, situated near the intersection of Delaware and Hertel. As Tex-Mex was inhaled, everyone was still in good shape and enjoying the cool summer evening.
From there, the majority of riders had said their goodbyes and ridden home. A small group opted for ice cream at Fowler's on Elmwood and set their proverbial sails towards the village.
So although the plans were shaky at best, it was pulled off with zero resistance or incident. Everyone was in the best of moods and no one got emotional about minor trivialities. This past Tuesday has proven, if nothing else, that riding your bike with some friends can be one of the best, easiest ways to have a good time.
For Tuesdays to come, expect more organization, more people, and more awesomeness. We meet at Shoshone Park, a stone's throw from Main and Hertel. All who possess two-wheeled transportation and a good attitude are welcome.

The second ride will go off at the same time as last week same meet up spot!

Facebook Event: Buffalo Ny: The 2nd Tuesday Ride

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